Lebanon's first women's ice hockey team formed

The first Lebanese women's hockey team was launched in Montreal, Canada, during the weekend.

Seventeen players of Lebanese origin came together at the arena on McGill University Campus. Some of them come from across Canada, while others are from the U.S., but all have a shared purpose in the sport.

The women currently play for their respective high school hockey clubs and gathered for the first time on Saturday in a bid to form a team to represent their nation.

According to Ralph Melki, head coach of the Lebanese men's hockey team, it all started when Sally Tarabah, the player and manager of the Lebanese women's team, contacted him and told him that she plays hockey and knows many Lebanese women in the U.S. and Canada who do as well.

Melki met Sally who was clearly very determined to work hard and put together a team. About four months later, that hard work came to fruition with the formation of Lebanon's first women's hockey team.

"We all come from Canada and the U.S. There are players coming from Edmonton and others from California, but we are here to play for Lebanon. The girls are from 15 to 38 years old," said Sally Tarabah, Lebanon women's hockey team player and manager.

"We are all here and it doesn't matter where we come from in Lebanon, or our political affiliation, it doesn't matter. Everyone is here to play for team Lebanon," Tarabah added.

Lebanon men's hockey team coach Ralph Melki said, "Women's hockey is bringing amazing results. I can tell you that some girls are playing hockey and putting their full heart into the game, even if they are not very big or tall. You know how big and tall male hockey players can be."

"As for girls, it has nothing to do with their size or height, (and) it has to do with what they have inside and how their passion is pushing them to pursue what they love."

Article taken from CGTN.COM