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Say hello to the Cedars

Say Hello to the Cedars. Under the Lebanese Hockey Federation umbrella, the Cedars will be one of many (we hope) Lebanese clubs participating in various club tournaments around the world and Leagues. The Cedars will be playing in a Montreal based league. This will provide a training ground for our national team as it will enable them to train and play matches on a regular basis.

"We hope to expand this project to other regions" said Charles El-Mir, Lebanese Hockey Federation president.

"The Federation is growing at lightning speed, we have recently expanded to include a Women hockey team and we have plans to have a Youth program as this is required by the IIHF"

We wish our Cedars the best of luck for 2018 and the years to come and we will update their progress on our facebook page and on our website.

Stay tuned, many more news to come

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