The Lebanese Ice Hockey Federation (LIHF), also known as Lebanon Hockey, is the governing body overseeing the Lebanese Local and international Ice Hockey teams and players development programs. Currently based in Montreal, Canada with youth operations based in Beirut, Lebanon, the LIHF also manages the Lebanese National team at international tournaments and exhibition games.


We have achieved a lot since our inception only two years ago. In May 2018, the federation was created. In October 2018, we received the Lebanese Ministry of Sports official decree as the official federation representing ice hockey. We created our Lebanese By-Laws (Registered names & logos, office, Bank’s account, etc.) and submitted our IIHF application in April 2019. In September 2019, our Federation became an official member of the IIHF, and one of the youngest federations to be approved by the IIHF. In February 2020, we completed the last milestone and became official members of the Lebanese Olympic Committee. Further, in December 2020, we were assigned by the IIHF to Hockey Canada as our IIHF Mentor. We are proud/honoured to be mentored & guided by Hockey Canada. This will help us grow our federation in every aspect.

We held our First LIHF Annual Gala in February 2020, as well as our First General Assembly.

We started the process of evaluating the financial & feasibility studies of building the first Ice-Rink complex in Lebanon.



 ’’We still have a long way & tough road ahead of us, but with our collective belief in our mission & passion to represent our roots, I have no doubt that we will overcome any obstacle’’ – Charles El-Mir;  President



The LIHF has been created to advance hockey initiatives of Lebanese-based players worldwide, in addition to enabling international development and representation of Lebanon in the sport of ice hockey.

We strongly believe in promoting positive change within the Lebanese communities as well as improving the world's impression of Lebanon. Working together as one Lebanese family regardless of political and religious affiliation is a core value of the LIHF and we strive to shed a positive light for Lebanon on the international stage through ice hockey. 


We also take pride in making sure that those same values are instilled in every player, staff member as well as embodied by all our members whether it's in the arena or out in the everyday world. 


The Men's Team first non-official starts was a friendly game vs Haiti in May 2017. Benefiting from this event's success, we played many similar friendship-exhibition games as well as Two Club’s tournaments in Abu Dhabi (UAE), which led us to officially create the LIHF in May 2018.


The Women’s team was launched in December 2018, at McGill University, with camps & games in Montreal & Ottawa (Aug. 2019) and lastly Toronto’s camp & games 27-29th Dec. 2019


Lastly, in February 2020, our Cedars Club participated in Kuwait Arab Clubs along, winning the Bronze. As the Women’s Friendship games, winning the two games.  




  • Continuously train and develop current players in Lebanon and abroad

  • Recruit and properly train coaches and personnel to support the operation of a high-level hockey program.

  • Participate in the Asian Olympics, Winter Games and at IIHF Asia Cup in 2021.

  • Start the preliminary feasibility study in 2020 for an ice hockey arena in Lebanon.



  • Increase exposure of the sport within the Lebanese community and across the world in order to increase public awareness and corporate supports.

  • Organize summer training camps, either in Canada or France, inviting current and potential Lebanese youth players to join the Federation, hence increasing the talent pool for the future

  • Participate in IIHF Development camps and tournaments.



  • With funding through private investors, the LIHF plans to build a sports centre, containing an ice hockey rink and a gym, designed to train and develop the players as well as hold public hockey games and events in Lebanon.

  • Bring the sport of ice hockey to Lebanon and start developing players and staff directly from our country of origin.  

  • Create a Lebanese Hockey League (LHL) in Lebanon with a minimum of four teams.

  • Participate in IIHF-sanctioned tournaments and World Championships.

  • Represent Lebanon in the World Olympic Winter games




The Lebanese Ice Hockey Federation board is made up of nine voting members and seven managers. These members are professionals, leaders, university graduates and entrepreneurs who graciously devote their time and effort to promote the game and have one thing in common: They are strong believers in the promotion of the sport within Lebanon and want nothing more than to make Lebanon a hockey nation.  


Charles El-Mir: President – (Canada/Lebanon)

Ralph Melki: Vice-President Hockey Operation – (Canada/Lebanon)

Noel Feghali: Director, Finance – (Canada)

Inam Darwiche: Director, Communications & Events – (Canada)

Nabil Kamleh:  Director - Players Development - (Dubai/Lebanon)

Nancy Constantin:  Director, Administration – (Canada)

Karen Azouri: Director, Women’s Team – (Canada)

Craig Boassaly:  Director, Hockey Operations, Men's National Team – (Canada)

Samer Forzely:   Director, Marketing – (Canada)

Mo Sottile: Assistant Manager, Women’s team  

Mtre. Bachir Kazan: Attorney – (Lebanon)

Jamil Hatem: Assistant Manager, Ice-Rink Project – (Lebanon)

Tony Tarraf: Manager, Government Liaison – (Lebanon)

Paul Doumet: Development Manager – (Lebanon)

Nada Hatem: Manager, Panthers Lebanon Team – (Lebanon)

Ghina Chahwan: Attaché de Presse & Social Media – (Lebanon)

Carl Melki: Equipment Manager – (Canada/Lebanon)

Wissam Salman: Consultant – (Canada)


Disciplinary & Dispute Committee (DDC)



The DDC is the governing body of the LIHF with the designated task to manage Ice Hockey, general disciplinary & dispute matters. It shall have jurisdiction to impose any sanctions.


The main aim of the DDC is to look after the Players’ safety, rules, regulations and disputes


Mr. Rick Daigle: Chairman

Mr. Simon Waked: Recruitment Director

Mr. Paul Doumet: Development Manager

Mr. Edouard Tabet: Operations Director

Mtre. Bachir Kazan: Attorney